Requests for Proposals

Pre-Solicitation Notice - Coggeshall School - comments due noon 11/15/18

Modification to the Coggeshall School Pre-Solicitation Notice - extends comment period to 11/15/18; scheduled a non-mandatory pre-solicitation conference 11/8/18 from 4:30-6:30 PM.

Note that even though the formal response period for the Pre-solicitation ends on Nov 15, potential offerors that are considering responding to a future solicitation may contact the Point of Contact on the Pre-solicitation Notice to have informal discussions.

There is no expected date for issuing a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for the property. However, once a formal RFP is issued the only comments and questions that will be allowed will be via formal channels and the information will be publicly provided.   

Click here to Download the attendance list from the 11-8-18 Public Meeting

In preparation for a future proposal, it is recommended that groups and individuals collaborate.  The Town will not be involved in the formation or development of any potential proposal teams.

Related Documents.
The following documents are the current Agreements for use and management of the Melville Campground and the Lower Glen Farm Stables that illustrate how an agreement for the Coggeshall School MIGHT be constructed.

     a. Melville Campground Agreement (2015)
     b. Lower Glen Farm Stables Agreement (2017)