Boards & Commissions A - M

  1. Agriculture Committee 2009

    View the roles of the Agriculture Committee.

  2. Bristol Ferry Town Common Committee

    Check out the responsibilities of the Bristol Ferry Town Common Committee.

  3. Board of Canvassers

    Discover more information on the Town of Portsmouth Board of Canvassers.

  4. Citizens Interested in the Comp. Planning Process

    Discuss matters relating to the Comprehensive Community Plan at the open meetings of this committee.

  5. Civil Defense

    Read more about civil defense, preparedness, and the Office of Emergency Management.

  6. CRMC Representative

    Review the goals of the Coastal Resources Management Council.

  7. Conservation Commission

    Direct questions to the Conservation Commission in regards to related subject matter.

  8. Design Review Committee

    Research the purpose of the Design Review Board

  9. Dog Park Planning Committee

    Work with others to build a safe, friendly, all-volunteer dog park!

  10. Economic Development Committee

    Discover the areas of interest overseen by the Economic Development Committee.

  11. Fence Viewer

    Learn more about the issues covered by the fence viewer.

  12. Glen Manor House Authority

    Seek members serving on the Glen Manor House Authority.

  13. Glen Park Working Committee

    Look into the various issues the Glen Park Working Authority is tasked with addressing.

  14. Harbor Commission

    Access the Harbor Commission and see the members that comprise it.

  15. Harbormaster

    See what the harbormaster is responsible for in the Town of Portsmouth.

  16. Hospitality Representative

    Look at the role of the Hospitality Representative.

  17. Housing Authority

    Address housing-related questions to the proper authority.

  18. Juvenile Hearing Board

    Research the matters covered by the Juvenile Hearing Board.

  19. Lower Glen Farm Preservation Committee

    Browse through the members that currently make up the Lower Glen Farm Preservation Committee.

  20. Melville Park Committee

    Find out what the Melville Park Committee's focus is.

  21. Mooring Assignment Appeal Committee

    Find out the role the Mooring Assignment Appeal Committee plays in the community.